Courses Offered by Elysium Beauty Academy

Medical Aesthetic Training & Certification

ELYSIUM BEAUTY ACADEMY is a full service wellness and beauty center, as well as an Academy that is offering Aesthetic Courses and Medical Aesthetic Courses for aestheticians and medical practitioners.
    Aesthetics Programs
Our Medical Aesthetics program equips students with the essential practical skills required for today’s spa and medispa environment!
  • Become job-ready fast!
  • Enjoy small class sizes with qualified instructors
  • Experience practical experience with real clients
  • Build relationships with industry partners
Known as a premier Beauty Academy, our Aesthetics courses and Medical Aesthetics courses programs consist of the most modern and advanced techniques available in the beauty industry today. We educate students regarding both the theory and practical techniques required for excellence in Aesthetics field. Elysium Beauty Academy is dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of the medical professional, by promoting and providing high quality, hands-on educational certification programs. To ensure mastery of skills, the corresponding delivery of safe and effective services, and to promote collaborative partnering in the Medical Aesthetic Community – leave your future in our hands.   You will learn everything ranging from Skin and Body Care, to include such procedures as Regular and Specialized Facials, Microdermabrasion, Non-Surgical Facelifts, Laser Hair Removal and Photo Laser. The following treatments are also included in our learning programs:
  • Acne treatment
  • Photo Rejuvenation
  • Red Vein removal
  • Removal of Pigmented Lesions
Elysium Beauty Academy is also providing Massage Therapy Course where you can learn theories and practice techniques of relaxation and rehabilitation. Our Massage Therapy course also covers training such as Cellulite Treatments, Body Shaping and Contouring, Body Toning, and Sculpting procedures. After our Massage Therapy course, you get to know anatomy, and common pathologies of the human body, and develop skills to prepare and implement treatment plans. Our primary goal is to prepare competent and qualified specialists in the field of beauty industry – and to be active contributors to the advancement of the field as a whole. Groups are formed on a regular basis, with the maximum number being 4 to 6. This allows dedicated time for each attendee, and the improvement of the quality of practical skills. Providing individual attention to attendees is our priority!

Aesthetic Courses

(Upon completion, a standard certificate is issued. These courses are aimed at all interested parties, and do not require a foundation of knowledge in aesthetic medicine.)