With time, the shape and volume of the face changes, due to the influence of gravity and the presence of external factors on the body. With positive lifestyle choices and effective products, it is quite possible to restore the youthful contours and shape of the face - without experiencing cosmetic surgery.

Our treatments are safe and efficient, as well as priced to make them a viable option for everyone.
All in all, these methods provide exceptional results in addressing typical issues, such as double chin and uneven contours of the face and neck.

Elysium Beauty offers a diverse array of injection therapies that will lift and contour, for a perfect V-shaped face.
Lipomodifier Treatment
Lipmodifier treatment resolves the face's fat deposits; lifting and firming the skin and improving the microcirculation processes, including lymphatic drainage. We are using a new generation injectable drug that can competently control/positively affect the fat tissue at the genetic level, located in the connective adipose tissue. Due to the modification, the appearance of new fat cells is blocked while the processes of effective reduction of adipose tissue are activated - and decrease in size without destruction. In other words, the treatment controls the formation, while activating the processes of reabsorption of adipose tissue--helping to restore the contours of the face and neck.
Lipolysis Injections
This innovative procedure chemically destroys fat cells and reduces the thickness of your adipose tissue. It is used to eliminate localized deposits of fat, by dissolving the actual fat cells and dispelling them through the lymphatic system. Most of our clients utilize at least two treatments within a 4-6 week period. The treatment provides great outcomes for the area underneath the chin; eliminating the common “double chin”.
ALMI, or Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection
Natural and minimally invasive; this procedure uses your own cells and tissues to restore a more youthful appearance, improve volume, texture, and tone of the skin. The ALMI procedure is a magical nonsurgical treatment that can address everything that happens to your skin with aging. Along with a complete rejuvenation and natural looking results, ALMI also improves contours of the face and neck.
The most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment of our time, Botox is used not only to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by paralyzing the underlying muscles, but also to restore the contours of the face and neck. With more than 6 billion Botox treatments administered each year, Botox is a sure winner.
Our experienced Medical Practitioners will assess your skin and take the time to understand your personal skincare goals – and advise you on the best treatment plan for you!

Our experienced medical practitioners will examine your skin and take time to understand your goals, and advice on the best treatment plan that meats your expectations and is suitable just for you.