Elysium Beauty Clinic

Elysium means “the land of my dreams” and for quite some time it was our dream to offer a beautiful, comfortable, cozy, home-like getaway, where our clients and staff members could escape the demands of the world – and feel happy and relaxed. Today we can proudly say that our wish has come true. Walt Disney once said, “A dream is a wish your heart makes” and here at Elysium Beauty Clinic and Academy, we are aiming to help you reach your goals – while making you even more beautiful. We understand how important it is for people to find a professional, dedicated medical practitioner with qualified specialists, and we will do everything possible to make sure you are happy with the outcomes – with amazing feelings and memories to take with you into the future.
We invite you into the wonderful world of beauty creation! With our unique aesthetic services, cutting-edge equipment, high-quality service and advanced technologies, our clinic has surpassed all requirements for success, in every way.


Elysium Beauty Team

Our team – are qualified medical practitioners with whom we have been together for many years. All clinical specialists are professionals in their field and passionate about their unique niche - so in addition to daily work excellence, they constantly learn, and integrate the experience of the world’s other professionals into what they do. Whether it’s visiting an international conference regarding their personal specialty, or reading the latest studies - You can count on the innovation, responsiveness, sensitivity, privacy and outstanding service of the entire clinic staff.

Victoria Chernyak

Founder and the Owner

Founder/Owner and distinguished Cosmetologist, Victoria Chernyak is a highly trained beauty and healthcare provider with more than 23 years of practical experience. She has extensive knowledge and in seven specialties and is certified in many of the advanced aesthetic treatments, therapies and technologies that we employ at Elysium Beauty Clinic. As a well-credentialed Victoria is an ideal choice for administering many of our high-end, medical-grade beauty treatments and therapies. Her advanced training and certifications have given her a keen eye for the aesthetic and a mastery that delivers optimal results.

Aleksei Chernyak


Co-owner Aleksei Chernyak, brings his 10-year experience and expertise as a Registered Massage Therapist and Osteopath to our team. He also contributes his advanced knowledge in the areas of Body Shaping and Contouring, as well as fat/cellulite reduction. This unique combination of abilities allows him to consistently exceed client expectations. Aleksei possesses a vision for helping others, and focuses on the primary challenge; promoting long-term success. He currently holds certifications in Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, and Body Shaping and Contouring.

Olga Fridman

Cosmetic Supervisor

Cosmetic Supervisor and ‘first face’ Olga Fridman comes to us with a degree in Nursing, allowing her to both lead and educate other Medical Practitioners. Her refined sense of detail and ability to ensue others feel supported have made her a true asset to our organization. Olga allows clients to be truly prepared and informed, and is happy to be working in both a field and a place she loves. She believes that customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do.

Anna Piatrovich

Operational Executive

Our Operational Executive, Anna Piatrovich, has brought her vast experience as a manager in the health and spa industry to this exceptional team. Anna is tasked with ensuring our services are both safe and result-driven, while considering financial outcomes. Along with her management experience, she brings with her a degrees in International Relations and French from York University. Anna considers Elysium Beauty to be her ‘home away from home’, and invites you to experience a true customer-centered service.

Mounavvara Koudbidinova

MD (Europe) & Certified Health Care Practitioner

As an MD in Europe, Ms. Koudbidinova also retained designation as a Certified Health Care Practitioner—with experience spanning a 15-year period. As someone who has been part of our team since the organization’s inception, she prides herself on her ability to look at each customer as a true individual. Mounavvara is a Medical Esthetic Specialist and holds certifications in the areas of Acupuncture, Laser Technician, Botox Fillers/Injections, Mesotherapy, Derma Fillers and 3D Lifting. She hopes you will allow her to make you her priority.

Iuliia Iatsun

Administrative Assistant

Our Administrative Assistant, Iuliia Iatsun, brings a skillset of commitment and organization to our team. She is a talented supporter; providing customized assistance to clients and colleagues alike. Iuliia relishes her time with Elysium Beauty because of the amazing changes that customers experience, while being treated in an equitable, respectful fashion.

Irina Lefterova

Accounts Manager

Irina Lefterova, Accounts Manager, oversees, tracks and analyzes the day-to-day financial practices of our organization. She brings a 20-year history to her position, with experience in both accounting and business management. Irina takes pride in the overall success of every person who comes through our doors, in addition to maintaining our fiscal foundations. Additionally, she ensures services are in compliance with the clinic’s goals and objectives.

Irina Kompaneets

Aesthetic Nurse

Irina has graduated from Sheridan College with High Honours Registered Practical Nurse program, as well as Medical Esthetic Practitioner program from Centennial College. Her passion is to help people look their best and feel good about themselves. She also has an intense desire for learning. As the beauty industry is fast moving and changing, Irina believes that continuing education is a must, so she always continues to upgrade her skills and knowledge. Irina is certified in the application of the latest treatment techniques, lasers, and professional skin care products.
  • Aleksa N
    I truly enjoyed my experience at Elysium Beauty Clinic and will be back. I definitely recommend it!The stuff has top training and I can certainly vouch for their professional skills. You won't be disappointed. Mouna and Victoria are the best!!!
    Aleksa N
  • Inna Tansky
    This place is too good to be true! Amazing prices for top of the line quality.The staff is very friendly, professional and always helpful. Victoria and Mouna are always very thorough in explaining the procedures, how long it will take to see results, and what reasonable expectations should be. They are working carefully and efficiently. I am extremely happy with the results and all of the procedures that are offered. I have been recommending, and will continue doing so, to friends and coworkers.
    Inna Tansky
  • Vika S
    Luxurious beauty salon with high quality of service. Always looking forward to new procedures! You are the best!
    Vika S
  • Sasha Ciupka
    Very nice, helpful staff. Definitely recommend.
    Sasha Ciupka
  •  Natasha Navotny
    Really love this place. Highly professional and very friendly staff. I wish I could give more stars. I would definitely recommend them to a friend. Which I've actually done already, and not even once 🙂
    Natasha Navotny
  • Irena K.
    I have been going to Elysium Beauty Academy for a few years now and each and every time is a great experience whether it is just for a routine facial, a more advanced special treatment or a massage, the services are always exceptional. The staff is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable and I always feel safe in their care. Elysium Beauty offers all types of services from simple beauty treatments to more complex procedures and are on top of all the latest trends in beauty. After my treatments at Elysium Beauty Academy I always come out feeling younger, more beautiful and refreshed!
    Irena K.
  • Isabelle Babici
    The staff was very pleasant and accommodating with no hard sell. 🙂
    Isabelle Babici
  • Professional, friendly staff who always go the extra mile to deliver a first class experience, with an excellent after care service too.Amazing experience with Victoria and Mouna. Definitely recommend the Elysium Beauty Academy for everyone !!
  • Roksolana
    I have been their customer for more than 3 years now and very happy with the service I am provided with. Friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere and professional care of its clients. Highly recommend this clinic! You won't be disappointed
  • Kate D
    Professional staff and great services. Will definitely go back to Elysium B.A. Thank you
    Kate D