At Elysium, we use a powerful all-in-one advanced laser technology device,

enabling us to provide non-surgical and pain-free results.

Why choose us?

Our All-in-One laser technology enhances treatment outcomes, allowing us to do what others cannot when using standard laser technology. We are pleased to provide a complementary consultation to each client, including a complete assessment, to be performed by our certified Medical Aestheticians. Our laser technology allows us to treat a range of conditions, while addressing treatment limitations and duration challenges.

Our device is used for more than 30 FDA-approved procedures, on all skin types (and even tanned skin). We deliver a new level of clinical efficacy using new treatments for acne, vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal including – including treatments for skin of color. Our device is non-invasive, and resulting treatment is safe and comfortable.

What treatments do we cover?

  • Acne
    • Spider Veins
      • Angiomas
        • Vericose and Spider Veins
          • Melasma
  • Rosacea
    • Hair Removal
      • Psoriasis
        • Ulcers
          • Poikiloderma
  • PFB
    • Skin Rejuvenation
      • Port Wine Stains
        • Sun and Age Spots
          • Hemangiomas
  • Wrinkle Reduction
    • Nail Fungus
      • Scar Revision
        • Pigmented Lesions
          • Warts